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Beginning March 28th, the Taiwan Lantern Festival Makes its First Visit to Kinmen in the “Kinmen Starlight Festival”

Date :2021-03-28

The annual Taiwan Lantern Festival’s round-island tours are always popular, and this year the festival will make its first visit to Kinmen. With the support of the Kinmen County Government, the lanterns will be displayed as part of the island’s “Kinmen Starlight Festival” from March 28 to May 30. Visitors can view some 71 lanterns, which include themes such as “Animals and Starlight” and “Traditional Lanterns.” These artworks, characterized by beautiful displays of light and sound, will definitely impress visitors to the festival!

Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung noted that this year’s Kinmen Starlight Festival is a landmark event for the Lantern Festival, Kinmen and all of Taiwan. The wonderful spirit and good wishes for the New Year created by the festival will be spread further than ever before. The “Traditional Lantern” display will be at the Qionglin Temple, while the “Animals and Starlight” lanterns can be seen at Kinmen’s Orchid Lake. All are invited to enjoy the dazzling sights of the festival and of Kinmen at night.

Kinmen County Magistrate Yang Chen-wu added that the County has long worked to host the festival event, and they are very pleased to welcome the lanterns for two months as part of the Kinmen Starlight Festival. In order to provide even more experiences and wonderful memories, a variety of other events will be held in conjunction with the lantern displays. The magistrate welcomed everyone to visit Kinmen and the Starlight Festival, and added that visitors will definitely enjoy many unique and memorable experiences!

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Traditional Lanterns

Traditional Lanterns

Time:March 28 (Sun.)- May 30 (Sun.)
Place:Qionglin Guardian Temple, Kinmen
Animals & Starlight Lantern Area

Animals & Starlight Lantern Area

Time:March 28 (Sun.)- May 30 (Sun.)
Place:Orchid Lake, Kinmen
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