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The “Good Time” lantern pops up in Bagua Mountain to greet the migrating grey-faced buzzards

Date :2021-03-04

Due to COVID-19, the lanterns of the cancelled 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival are now on display throughout Taiwan to invoke blessings for local communities. One of the lanterns, called“Good Time,” originally to be installed at the festival’s reception gate, will be on display from March 15 to April 5 at the Baguashan Visitors Center in the Tri-mountain National Scenic Area. The installation came just in time to greet the migratory grey-faced buzzards who are passing through the area at this time. During this period, mini lanterns which celebrate the Year of the Ox also will be distributed.

You Wen-fu, the lantern artist who created the “Light and Feathers” lantern noted that he was impressed by the scene of grey-faced buzzards riding the winds above Bagua Mountain. He felt that the birds actually gazed back, as he watched them through a telescope. The encounter was beautiful. In fact, compared to the Earth, humans and birds don’t live long. “Light and Feathers” uses images of grey-faced buzzards, bird feathers, seasonal colors, and light and shades to depict the chance encounters between humans and birds. It also illustrates the harmonious moments of humans coexisting with other living beings, sharing and cherishing the beautiful world together.

According to the Tri-mountain National Scenic Area Administration, Baguashan Visitors Center is home to Taiwan’s first grey-faced buzzard museum. Displaying “Good Time” during the bird’s migration time is especially meaningful. And since Feb. 28, the Administration has been distributing mini DIY Year of the Ox lanterns at Guguan, Lishan, Shishan, Nanzhuang and Baguashan Visitors Centers to visitors who check in on social media. A total of 1,400 such lanterns are available, on a first come, first served basis. For more information, visit the Administration’s Facebook page.

The Administration also noted that every year in March, around the spring equinox, a large number of grey-faced buzzards come a long way from the Philippines to Taiwan. Since Bagua Mountain is biologically highly diverse, the buzzards like to make a stop there. “Buzzard pillars” is a famous phenomenon in Bagua Mountain, which refers to the birds flying up to the sky and landing swiftly again. Many visitors are drawn to the scene.


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