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For the first time ever! The Taiwan Lantern Festival moves to Kinmen, with MOTC Minister Lin Chia-lung sending lanterns across the sea

Date :2021-02-25

Sending good wishes throughout Taiwan, lanterns from the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival will soon be on a tour. Since the Kinmen County Government had previously asked to display the lanterns, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) agreed to send to Kinmen traditional lanterns created by devoted artists and representing themes such as “Animals and Starlight.” The event will be called the “Kinmen Starlight Festival,” and will go from March 28 to May 30. On February 25, MOTC Minister Lin Chia-lung hosted a “lantern bestowal” ceremony in recognition of this unprecedented offshore-island lantern fest. Government authorities all hope to give people a special lantern festival experience, no matter if they are from Kinmen or from other parts of Taiwan.

Minister Lin noted that this is the first time the Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held on any of Taiwan’s offshore islands. In this way, the blessings invoked by the lanterns can be spread far and wide. A total of 71 beautiful and entertaining lanterns will be shown. The dedicated artists who made the lanterns are glad to know that the lanterns will be presented to the people of Kinmen, and they sincerely hope more visitors will join this festival of lights.

Kinmen County Magistrate Yang Cheng-wu noted that his administration had been trying for some time to bring the Taiwan Lantern Festival to Kinmen. These efforts, which have now come to fruition, have received much support from Minister Lin. To reiterate, the festival is called the “Kinmen Starlight Festival” and it will be held from March 28 to May 30. Traditional lanterns will be displayed at the Qionglin Temple, while the lanterns under the “Animals and Starlight” theme will be presented at Orchid Lake. The County Government looks forward to seeing night-time Kinmen transformed by the lanterns for the enjoyment of all visitors.

In addition to the Kinmen Starlight Festival, the Tourism Department of the Kinmen County Government will hold many other associated events to light up Kinmen alongside the festival’s lanterns. Visitors are encouraged to join the grand lantern festival on this offshore island of Taiwan, and jointly hope for a safe and successful New Year. Let’s all enjoy this bright and splendid lantern festival in Kinmen.

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Last Updated:2021-03-16

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