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Calf-Themed Festival Lantern to Debut in Tainan’s Beimen District

Date :2021-02-25

“A Calf Standing on Top of a Winners’ List” will make its debut and join “Nostalgic Lanterns” on display within the meadow in front of the Beimen Visitor Center in Tainan. Both sets of lanterns are part of the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival. The lanterns will be displayed between February 26 and March 7 from 6 pm to 9 pm. This area is within the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in the historic city of Tainan. The calf, dressed like an imperial scholar in ancient times, sends good wishes to exam takers and students. “Nostalgic lanterns,” on the other hand, includes six artistic lanterns, two landscape installations, and several light projections. In the nostalgic zone, visitors can travel back in time and learn about traditional children’s toys and items of early-day life in Taiwan, such as spinning tops, arrows, earth-oven cooking, tricycles, and New Year outings. Along the paths taken to explore the larger lanterns, one will pass by other lanterns representing items such as butterflies, bees, and stag beetles.

On February 27-28 and March 6-7 at 18:30, visitors are free to do “lucky divinations” at the Beimen Visitor Center. Upon winning two divination blocks with the same titles, the visitor can get a beautiful bracelet for free. The limited-edition bracelets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Why not try your luck there! (Each participant will get a blessing card for free, no matter if they win the bracelet or not.)

Also at the Beimen Visitor Center, “Energetic Ox” mini lanterns will be distributed. From February 25 to March 7 from 9 am to 5 pm, visitors can receive a free mini lantern by taking a picture with “A Calf Standing on Top of a Winners’ List,” uploading it to Facebook or Instagram while checking in, and then showing the post at the Visitor Center’s counter. Only 500 mini lanterns will be distributed daily on a first come, first served basis. Visitors are also encouraged to explore a nearby wedding photography site during the day, and receiving a lantern before the night falls.

In addition to the activities at Beimen, spring lanterns representing “green waters and sailboats” will be on display at Tainan’s Mashagou Beach, Jiangjun District through March 1. Visitors are encouraged to watch these beautiful lanterns in spring fields during the 228 vacation. The main lantern and the side-lanterns were crafted by Wu Teng-xing, a master artist from Beigang. The fifth-generation leader of century-old De Yi Hall, Wu is famous for his fine craftsmanship which manifests the beauty of traditional lanterns. Between Lisheng Temple’s memorial arch and the temple itself, there is a 300m-long artistic lantern zone which shows Taiwan’s seasonal scenery. Within local communities, artistic lantern landscapes can be also appreciated. Feel free to look at the lanterns and take pictures with them.

The “West Coast Expressway” route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle has a stop at Beimen’s side-lantern area (the Beimen District Office stop) and Mashagou’s spring lanterns area (the Mashagou Colorful Village stop). Additional buses will be added on this route on February 27-March 1. The buses will depart at 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, and 18:30 from the Xinying Bus Terminal and return at 17:40, 18:40, 19:40 and 20:40 from the Taiwan Salt Museum. Visitors may also take Tainan Bus “Blue #2” (Jiali-Nankunshen) and get off at the Beimen District Office. The day’s last bus departs from the Jiali Stop at 22:00. A “Brown #1” (Xinying-Beimen) bus also provides service. Visitors should get off at the Beimen District Office. The day’s last bus for this route departs from Xinying Stop at 17:50. For more information, visit the Tainan Bus system’s official website.

To learn about the recommended itineraries, accommodations, restaurants and shops near the area of the Southwest Coast Scenic Area Administration, please visit the website “Southwest Coast Travel.

Day and night temperatures can vary quite widely on the Southwest Coast. Please be sure to wear adequately warm clothing when visiting the lanterns at Beimen and Jiangjun. Also, in order to control COVID-19, please wear masks and maintain adequate social distancing.

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