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The 2021 festival side-lanterns made their debut

Date :2021-02-23

Although the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival has been suspended due to COVID-19, to show the lantern artists’ works and to meet people’s expectations, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC has decided to display the lantern art in various corners of Taiwan, using the following theme: “Taiwan Lantern Festival: invoking blessings for Taiwan.” From February 26 to March 7, one side lantern, “Magpies in Welcoming the Spring in a Pine Tree,” will be shown at Checheng Log Pond at Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, while another side lantern, “A Calf Standing on Top of a Winners’ List” and a few nostalgic lanterns, will be displayed at Beimen Visitors Center, in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. Also, “Reception Gate'' will be on display at Baguashan Ecological Visitors Center,in the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area. For the first time in history, two thematic lantern areas - “Animals and Starlights” and “Traditional Lanterns” will be on display in Kinmen, an offshore island. By placing these lanterns in different places, we hope to allow people in all parts of Taiwan to enjoy the beautiful lanterns easily and enjoy the Lantern Festival.

“Magpies in Welcoming the Spring in a Pine Tree” and “A Calf Standing on Top of a Winners’ List” carry auspicious messages, and special events are held for them. Light and sound shows will take place every 30 minutes from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. during this period, while “Magpies in Welcoming the Spring in a Pine Tree” is on display in Checheng. The shows will celebrate the blissful Year of the Ox and be characterized by flying magpies. “A Calf Standing on Top of a Winners’ List” at Beimen will show a calf lantern dressed in old scholar garments which sends good wishes to students and other exam takers. Beautiful bracelets will be given for free during a side event at Beimen.

Mini lanterns called“Energetic Ox” will be distributed at Beimen and Checheng Visitors Center. From 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., February 25 to March 3, by taking pictures with the side lanterns and checking in on Facebook or Instagram, each visitor can get a mini DIY lantern for free at Checheng Railway Tourism & Visitors Center in Nantou or Beimen Visitors Center in Tainan. The mini lanterns will be given on a first come, first served basis, at a limited number daily.

In fact, not only will the aforementioned side lanterns and thematic lanterns be displayed in various parts of Taiwan, the Festival’s main lantern and more thematic lanterns will be shown in front of the THSR Hsinchu Station in mid-June during the Dragon Boat Festival. We hope hope people can enjoy the high-tech lanterns in different places, time periods, and festive days in Taiwan, despite the cancellation of the Lantern Festival this year.

Let’s all bathe in lantern blessings and hope for a lucky Year of the Ox.

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