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Nostalgic Lanterns

Exhibit Features

Amid warm feelings of nostalgia, visitors to the Nostalgic Lanterns exhibit can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the beautiful olden days.

The artists who created the Nostalgic Lanterns make clever use of lights and shadows to take visitors back to a simpler time before the birth of cell phones and computers.

The skills and artisanship of the lantern creators also recreate a traditional “bull fight parade” and present images of children flying kites and playing with slingshots.

When the lanterns are lit, let’s go back together to the good old days and feel touched by a joyful lifestyle.

Exhibition info

Time: Feb. 26 (Fri.) - April 5 (Mon.)

Place: Beimen Visitor Center Plaza (No.200, Beimen Neighborhood, Beimen District, Tainan City)Transport

  • “Children Having Fun Outdoors” demonstrates how children enjoyed themselves in the old days
  • “Remembering the Spring” shows a range of traditional New Year activities
  • “The Fun of Spinning Tops” introduces a popular traditional toy - the spinning top
  • “Happy Together” demonstrates a traditional New Year temple fest - the New Year parade
  • “God of Good Fortune” brings visitors good luck and much fortune
  • “Tunes of Youth” takes visitors back to times when folk songs were a trend
  • “Fun Gummies” turns traditional gummies into lantern art
  • “Light, Shades, and Insects” shows butterfly and bee lanterns
Last Updated: 2021/03/19

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